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Since 2007, Jacaruso Enterprises has led the industry in Remote Hotel Sales Services. We’ve supported over 3,500 hotels worldwide. Our dedicated team of Regional Sales Directors help you navigate sales resources and brand tools, champion your brand’s sales culture, and customize specific strategies to boost your hotel’s revenues and rankings.

Our Hotel Sales Support can fill your rooms even in the most challenging times. In fact, since April, we’ve booked $6.2M into our hotel portfolio.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Remote Hotel Sales Support for 1/3 of the cost of hiring an onsite DOS. Get a trained expert to sell your hotel from day one
2. Jacaruso Account Network – our internal Jacaruso Account Network was formed in response to COVID-19. Every hotel we support is included in opportunities uncovered by 80+ salespeople making calls every day which has resulted in over $6.2 million in new business since April.
3. Proactive Prospecting – we’ll identify and contact demand generators in the market, conduct competitive set research to secure new group and local accounts, and negotiate rates. We’ll also sustain your current accounts  to strengthen relationships and drive loyalty.
4. RFP Management – we complete all RFPs sent via brand channels, create compelling business cases for preferred accounts, and collaborate with the hotel’s National Account team to procure more room nights

Do you miss out on revenue? We won’t.

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